Take the Guesswork of out Parenting Your Junior Tennis Player

This video magazine was created as an educational resource for parents of competitive junior tennis players. Successfully parenting a junior tennis player is no easy task, and the right way to do it remains the most misunderstood and controversial aspect of the junior tennis experience. Coaches, psychologists, academy directors, tournament directors, and other experts agree that the parent's role and how they play it is the single most important piece of the junior tennis puzzle. The goal for most parents is to raise a healthy, happy child that learns key life lessons he/she can use throughout their life through the junior tennis experience. The challenge is most parents have no prior experience in this area, and by the time they develop sufficient competence, their child is over 18 and finished in the juniors. Many junior players burn out or quit the game forever because of overzealous, untrained parents who didn't understand how extreme this experience is to a child who wants to win. The pressure on the court is followed by additional pressure at home, and in a few short years playing tennis feels more like a job than a game. Thousands of former competitive junior tennis players refuse to go near a tennis court due to the emotional pain it brings back, and rarely does this have anything to do with winning and losing matches. Well meaning, but untrained and incompetent tennis parents have always been the single biggest problem in competitive junior tennis. The most successful tennis parents are usually former junior circuit players, coaches, or parents who received some kind of training from a sports psychologist, coach, or other expert. No comprehensive training for tennis parents has ever been developed and offered... until now. The junior tennis show offers parents multiple points of view and a wide variety of philosophies to follow to insure that their child has a positive and life enhancing experience in competitive junior tennis.

Junior Tennis Show was developed by three successful former junior circuit players

The Junior Tennis Show was conceived and developed by three former junior players with over 29 years of experience traveling the country competing in junior tournaments. From the park district level to the Orange Bowl and Kalamazoo, these veterans have experienced nearly everything junior tennis has to offer... which includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. These 29 years of experience includes coaching hundreds of junior players and their parents. As a subscriber, you'll hear from coaches, former players, touring professionals, sports psychologists, USTA officials, and many others on the do's and don'ts of parenting a healthy and happy junior tennis competitor. New interviews will be added every single month of your membership. You'll hear a wide range of opinions based on experience.

You'll never have to guess again

Most tennis parents guess on what to say and how to approach their child before and after matches, during lessons and especially at home. This video magazine will give you the answers you need so you'll never have to guess again. No more nights lying awake wondering if you're pushing too hard or not enough. Our videos cover every aspect of this process, and they're broken down by topic so you can access them anytime. Need to know what to say when your child loses a match? Click on that section and see what the experts have to say. By the time you figure out all of this out on your own, your child will be off the junior circuit.

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