Junior players are the reason the Junior Tennis Show was created
While many of the videos are geared toward training your parents how to help you maximize your experience, we also feature interviews with top junior players, touring professionals discussing their junior tennis days, world class coaches talking about how their training their star players, and much more. The content of this video magazine is directed by three former competitive junior players, who have a combined experience of 29 years playing junior tournaments, from the local to international level. We understand what you're going through. We know the fun as well as the challenging aspects. We know what it's like to play under pressure. We know what it's like to have parents who sometimes don't understand what you're going through. We know what it's like to do exactly what your coach tells you and still have everyone upset with you when you lose. We also know what it's like to win. You'll see in these videos that while very few people around you understand what you're experiencing, we do. We lived it. We've failed, and we've succeeded. But in the end, all three of us discovered the unfair advantage you have for the rest of your life after training and competing as a junior player: you learn to trust your instincts, make bold decisions, take risks, do what you think is best and live with the results, and ultimately, become your own best friend. While others your age are timid, hesitant and shy, you are mentally tough. That's what years of competing under pressure with no team support or on court coaching will do for you. It makes you strong.
You become mentally tough enough to accomplish anything you choose.
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What is it like to live and train at an academy?

You'll see interviews with top academy coaches, trainers and directors. You'll also hear what it's like to be a student/player direct from the player's themselves.

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